Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PIANO + canada

so I watched Pan's Labyrinth the other day and I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK
does anyone have any sheet music for any songs that they could share? difficulty doesn't matter ; A ;
I have sheet music for one of the songs but they're so easy LOL;;;
and could anyone recommend some other nice piano pieceeessss, classical, modern, doesn't matter.

ok I love my country and all, and it's such a cute country (WHAT OTHER COUNTRY USES THEIR MILITARY TO SHOVEL SNOW LMAO) but I haaateee the winters.
today my dad backed up the car and somehow the front wheels got stuck in a ditch.
So we proceeded for the next HOUR to try and get the car out, which included him telling me to go and push the car (which didnt help at all because I'm too weak oTL;;; ), putting wood chips in front of the wheels, HOT WATER (not a good idea btw), etc.
luckily a bunch of his asian friends happened to be going to work and helped push it out.

since there's a looooot of ice here, when he got stuck in the ditch, it wasn't that big, but because of him attempting to accelerate and get out, the ice wore down and you could see the... pavement/ground under LOL
I was still like 40 mins late though;;;

sorry, no pics this post, may update with some later though? heheh o v o

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I hope I'll finish this during Spring Break~
trying semi-realism again 8D

It's a revamp of an old pic,
here's the original:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


hey guys I noticed a bunch of people I know made a blogspot so I decided to make one too o v o
um, I'll be posting mostly doodles and WIPS and other random stories here.
I-I might abandon this like I did to LJ though, so please bear with my lack of updates lol